Corporate Social Responsibility

INTA Contribution for people and environment is proven inside social activities of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program. CSR is a real implementation of INTA care of people and environment. By CSR, the Corporate is able to provide continuous economical benefit for people around the Corporate and also contributes in social empowerment as an inseparable part of INTA operational activities.

The Corporate is committed to build and develop various programs that support the continuous growth including economical, health, educational, and environmental management aspects that involves workers’ empathy, local communities and the societies to increase the quality of life. INTA performs CSR that is based on work ethics, the principles of corporate governance, obedience to the law and the applicable policies, employee's awareness, and also the awareness of the people around INTA Operational Area.





INTA Care Programs



Care Social Community

With this activity, INTA is making an effort to support communities around the Corporate operational area. With this Care Social Program, the Corporate also works together with any competent third parties. Some programs of Care Social Communities are social services, grant of sports equipment, library for homeless children, breaking the fast occasions, environmental development, and so on.

Care Health

INTA also participates in the area of public health, especially those who settle around INTA operational area. Some of the Care Health Programs including support on the construction process of Rumah Indonesia Sehat, free-medication program, fogging, blood donor with the Red Cross Indonesia, circumcision program, and so on.

Care School

Care School is a program which is related to education and this activity is also a form of our dedication to help the government in terms of students educational development and improvement. Some programs that has been done in this activity are scholarship awarding, training for vocational schools and universities teachers and lecturers, and also workshops for schools to give the broad picture of the world of business.

Care Green

The Corporate through Care Green is trying to preserve the environment around operational area, to keep it green and healthy so a better life quality can be achieved. The example of Care Green activities by INTA are waste management activities, mutual cooperation to clean the neighborhood, etc.





Occupational Health and Safety (K3)



INTA as the company of Total Solution Provider in the area of heavy equipment is fully aware of the risks faced by the employees, especially those who work in the field. That is why, INTA focuses on the occupational safety of the employees because the Company sees the employees as the motor of the Company that has to be concerned. The implementation of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) has become one of the commitments of INTA in running all operational activities in all operational and business locations. The implementation of the OHS guideline is implemented as the employees needs in order to minimize errors and increase the positive impact of all of the Corporate operational activities. Through OHS Program, INTA continuously conducts training for employees, implements ways of working in accordance with the Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) that has been made to avoid accident, and also holds meeting on OHS that is being done by all employees. INTA makes sure that the occupational safety and health protection for all employees has already complied with assigned rules and policies. INTA always monitors that all programs of Occupational Health and Safety have been implemented by all employees in every level of the organization. By doing such, employees are aware of what they have to do if dangers appear in the workplace. The Corporate also performs evaluation on the Occupational Safety system periodically to review the procedure of implementation of occupational safety standard and identifies the potency of accidents and risks that may occur while operational activities are done. If new potential dangers are found, INTA will increase the safety procedure to avoid accidents.


 Occupational Health and Safety Policy 

 Occupational Health and Safety Program 





Consumer Protection



The milestones of INTA is the result of the business concept that is being brought which is to provide total solutions including put customers’ satisfaction in the first place. With maximum services, the Corporate listens, understands, and provides the best solution for customers. Keeping customers’ trust is the most important thing in business for the sake for a good long-term relationship. Some of the activities related to customer protection being done by INTA are customer gathering, product clinic, and exhibition. With those occasions, it is expected that the communication between the Corporate and all customers will be closer than before. Also, INTA hopes that all information related to heavy equipment and INTA Services can be directly and correctly delivered to customers or future customers.

Below is some customers-related activities that have been done in 2014:

    1. IPPS Roadshow Construction Kendari 2014. It was held on 16 April 2014 in Swiss-Belhotel,Kendari.

    2. IPPS Customer Gathering Mamuju 2014 It was held on 14 April 2014 in Hotel D’Maleo Mamuju, Sulawesi.

    3. IPPS SDLG Roadshow Palu 2014 It was held on 22 Mei 2014 in Mercure Hotel Palu.

    4. SDLG Product Clinic INTA held SDLG Product Clinic on 18 September 2014 at INTA Institute Building.

    5. Indonesia Construction Exhibition 2014 INTA enlivened Indonesia Construction Exhibition 2014 which lasted from 5 to 7 November 2014 at the Jakarta Convention Center

    6. 10th Indonesian Palm Oil Conference. IPW was participating in this conference on 26-28 November 2014 in Trans Luxury Hotel, Bandung.






INTA Institute

Human Energy Training and Development


World class and high quality human resources competency is becoming the main needs to answer the work and business competition that are getting more competitive day by day. Realizing this reality, the Corporate is committed to increase the skills and knowledge of its employees by providing a precise training and education facility.

INTA invented INTA Institute, a higher education facility that is meant to accelerate employees competency to answer the more competitive business competition. INTA inaugurated INTA Institute on 2 May 2014. The development of this education facility spent around US$ 2.5 millions that was taken from the Corporate capital expenditure.

The existence of INTA Institute is very important for the Corporate because this education facility becomes a long-term investment of the Corporate and priceless, in term of human capital strengthening. INTA hopes that the existence of INTA institute will strengthen the people of the Corporate and finally to give maximum service to all customers.

INTA Institute is not merely providing training for INTA Group employees, but also public training for other stakeholders such as customers, vendors, suppliers, or other business partners.

Providing High Quality Education and Training System (Infrastructure, Program, Facilitator, and Method) and Training Cycle (Needs Analysis, Design, Execution, and Training Evaluation) to support the existence of learning culture that is in line with the company values (I-P-O Values: RITE: Resilient, Integrity, Team Player, Excellence, REST: Reliable, Empowering, Synergy, Transparent, CINTA: Collaborative, Innovative, Networking, Trustworthy, Assurance) as a form of Company actualization that supports Local Economy Development (Local Economy Development Enterprise) in 2020.

Providing Education and Training Programs which are focused and integrated for all employees, customers, and community INTA through knowledge management utilization to become a company that support Local Economy Development: knowledge and skills.

Providing Human Resources Development professionally and continuously to support and strengthen business lines and development in the future for the sake of INTA Group actualization as a Local Economy Development Enterprise.





Community Development


1. Hospital Construction

In 21 February 2014, INTA, along with some enterpreneurs of Yayasan Transformasi Bangsa, was inaugurating Rumah Indonesia Sehat (RIS) Hospital in Kelurahan Lengkong Gudang Timur, Serpong, South Tangerang. Located in Ruko Golden Boulevard W1 3, BSD City, South Tangerang, RIS Hospital is expected to become the first non-class hospital in Indonesia that provides chance to people to enjoy Class A and B Health Service.

RRIS opens wide to all citizens from all layers of the society to come without worrying their financial condition to pay the bill, because every service provided is using cross-subsidy system, where those who can afford can support those who cannot. RIS has 12 polyclinics consist of general polyclinic, Obstetric, opthalmologist, otorhinolaryngologist, pediatric, internist, dermatologist, neurologist, cardiologist, surgeon, medical check up, and dentist. RIS Hospital will also keep updating the polyclinics to suit people’s needs.

Other than the polyclinics, RIS also provides laboratory services for 12 kinds of check up including microbiology, parasithology, hematologic, coagulation, clinical chemistry, toxicology, immunology, immunohematology, seurology, urinalysis, historogical, and sitology. In running the services, RIS Hospital has a vision to reach the people without any health care access by providing high quality healthcare service for low class citizens around Serpong, Tangerang. To support this vision, RIS Hospital also has missions as follows:

1. to provide affordable healthcare service for low class citizens around Tangerang.

2. to provide affordable surgery service for low class citizens around Tangerang.

3. to become a referral hospital for general clinics around Tangerang.



2. Blood Donation

INTA Group Jakarta together with the Headquarter of the Indonesia Red Cross (PMI) held a monthly CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activity in form of Blood Donors, every quarters. In 2015, this activity has been done three times which were on Thursday, 22 January 2015; Wednesday, 22 April 2015 & Wednesday, 29 July 2015. It took place in the Cafetaria of INTA Group Cakung.

This routine social activity is included in the pillar of Care Health, where INTA Group is taking part in increasing the health of Indonesians who need blood supply. From the internal side, this routine is also used to increase the sense of togetherness and social care and to create the sense of tolerancy and also to build a more positive impression to build a synergy atmosphere.

This routine is always awaited by all employees of INTA Group. It is proven by the huge amount of employees who sign up when this occasion is held.

It usually takes 4 hours, from 11.00 a.m. to 14.00 p.m. The peak is usually in the lunch break. All Blood Donor flew smoothly. We do hope that for the next blood donor, INTA Group employees will care more about the importance of blood donor.



3. Basic Need Charity

As a part of the community, INTA Group is willing to share something in a social activity called “Basic Need Charity”.

On Thursday, 9 July 2015, in the yard of the Chief of Block K Kampung Sawah Semper, INTA Group performed a social activity of “Basic Need Charity”. There were 430 packages of basic foods were prepared.

This Basic Need Charity is an annual routine of INTA Group so that INTA Group can grow up, develop and increase together with the society around INTA Group Headquarter in term of business. The other purpose of holding this activity is to relieve, a little bit, their burden. Management hopes that by this activity, the people could celebrate the Idul Fitri in a better situation and condition.



4. INTA Group Halal Bihalal

The Halal Bihalal is an annual routine held by INTA Group. On Friday, 31 July 2015, in INTA Group Cakung Cafetaria, the Halal Bihalal was held with a theme; “With the Spirit of Halal Bihalal 2015, Let Us Strengthen Our Togetherness and Cooperation to Increase Work Productivity”. This occassion was followed by all INTA Group and subsidiaries employees (INTA, IPPS, IPW, CCI, Terra Factor, IBF, Kasuari, PAI & IR) with more or less 625 people.

This activity was started at 15.00 p.m. by Ahmad Mashudi as the Chief of the Committee and continued by a short speeh by the CEO, Petrus Halim. He gave a speech and direction about togetherness and work productivity. This Halal Biahal was attended by all board members and INTA Group Management.

Before the end of the Halal Bihalal, all board members and managements were asking and giving forgiveness with all employees and the occassion was ended with a dinner in INTA Group Cafetaria.



5. Free Medical Treatment

CSR INTA Jakarta together with OMNI Hospital held a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in form of Free Medication for the Kampung Sawah Citizen of Cakung Cilincing (Block K RT. 10/RW. 11) on Tuesday, 8 September 2015, took place in the house of the RT 10 Chief & Posyandu Kampung Sawah.

This social activity is included in the Care Health Pillar, where INTA Group is taking part in increasing the health of the society, especially with those who have direct relations with the Company activities..

CSR INTA – care Health “Free Medication” was started at 09.00 WIB to 14.30 WIB. The locals, children, adults and seniors were so happy with this social activity.

There were 378 patients, they were grouped as follows:

  • Infant to teenager: 151.
  • Pregnant Ladies:21.
  • General (16 to 49 yrs old):127 and
  • Senior citizen (above 50): 79.

Most of the disease reported by the locals are Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (ISPA), Muscles, joints & tissues and otorhinolaryngology

The Team of the Doctor led by dr Suryani was very compact, quick and calm in handling the people. Moreover, dr Suryani admitted that she was very happy in sharing various information and her knowledge about health especially about “Healthy Life Behaviour & How to Correctly Wash Hands.”

A good relationship between INTA Group and people around Kampung Sawah Cakung Cilincing is expected through this activity.


6. Tree Planting in Rawa Malang Green Area

As much as 300 trees of mahogany and albizia were planted to green the Rawa Malang Green Area, Semper Timur District on Wednesday October 7th 2015. The Secretary of North Jakarta Administration Town, Ahmad Ya’la, expressed his appreciation for PT. Intraco Penta, Tbk who appeared with this activity of tree planting.

"I hope this activity will be an extraordinary contribution and can trigger the other companies to contribute in greening our earth," said Ahmad Ya'la accompanied by the Assistant of Development and Environment of North Jakarta, Suroto.

Meanwhile, the commissioner of PT. Intraco Penta, Tbk, Leni Halim stated that this action is the real form of the Company’s care on the environment through CSR Program. "Today, I hope these 300 trees will bring benefit and turn Rawa Malang Green Area to be green again," she said. Location of Rawa Malang Green Zone is exactly in front of the building of INTA Institute.