UD Intraco was founded as a spare parts trading firm, in Jakarta.


Changed into Limited Liability Entity, PT Intraco Penta.


Appointed as the dealer of NV PD Pamitran, heavy equipments distributor Clark Equipment, and P&H Crane Distributor.


Started distributing Renault truck.


Added several heavy equipment brands to the list, Lamborghini Farm Tractor, and Bell.


Acquired NV PD Pamitran and its franchises namely VME, P&H/PPM, and Bobcat.


Listed at JSX (now IDX) on June 30, for 29 million shares to raise IDR 29 billion.


Implemented SAP – an integrated ERP system.


Acquired Intan Baruprana Finance (IBFN), a heavy equipment financing company


Recorded 50% increase in sales and 240% growth in operating income.


INTA8 Jul 2015s total equity went up by 133%.


Total assets Intan Baruprana Finance (IBF) increased by five fold, whereby IBF is also rated as one the best leasing company in Indonesia for three times consecutive.


Launched the Decade of Innovation as a theme the Company8 Jul 2015s strategic, in its efforts to continue growth and seize opportunities other business.


INTA8 Jul 2015s total revenue hit a record high of IDR 1 trillion, and 141% increase in net income.


INTA maintained total revenue above IDR 1 trillion, while net income rose by 63.3%, despite lower demand due to global economic crisis and appointed as dealer for Mahindra & SDLG.


INTA acquired Terra Factor Indonesia (TFI) and Columbia Chrome Indonesia (CCI) with transaction value amounting to IDR 170 billion, and formed IBFN Sharia Business Unit.


INTA hit new record in term of financial performance by achieving total assets of IDR 3,7 trillion and total revenue of IDR 3 trillion. INTA is trusted as the sole distributor in Indonesia to distribute Sinotruk brand products from China.


INTA is registered LQ45 Index rank in Indonesia Stock Exchange, as well awarded by Forbes Indonesia magazine and as Top 50 Performing Company by Investor


INTA through PT Intraco Penta Prima Services (IPPS) won the mechanical competition at the 8 Jul 2015South East Asian HUB Master Champion 2013-2014 Volvo8 Jul 2015 which was held by Volvo Construction Equipment for South-East Asia and Asia Pacific (including Australia and New Zealand) level.


On May 2, 2014, INTA Institute was inaugurated, an educational institution that aims to prepare the workforce for excellence and quality in the field of heavy equipment. INTA Institute is located in an area of 8,000 m2 in Cakung. In the same year, IBFN listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange on December 22, 2014 with ticker code IBFN. In this IPO, IBFN releases 21.05% of the shares to the public with proceeds amounting to IDR192 billion. Most of these funds will be used for working capital financing.


INTA formed a new subsidiary, PT Inta Sarana Infrastuktur and PT Inta Daya Perkasa, which is a holding company and its subholding in independent electricity provider’s infrastructure. This is the first step taken by INTA to diversify its total solution provider business in the field of power generation. Inta Daya Perkasa together with Power Construction Corporation of China (PCCC) formed a joint venture with PT Tenaga Listrik Bengkulu to develop electricity power by capacity of 2x100 MW with an investment of USD 350 million

In addition, in 2015 INTA is appointed as the distributor of Palfinger Sany, a knuckled truck mounted crane manufacturer from Europe that is assambled in China. Palfinger Sany is a leading brand in its segment with more than 75 years experience and has a 30% world market share.




INTA formed a new subsidiary, PT Inta Sarana Infrastuktur and PT Inta Daya Perkasa, which is a holding company and its subholding in independent electricity provider’s infrastructure. This is the first step taken by INTA to diversify its total solution provider business in the field of power generation. Inta Daya Perkasa together with Power Construction Corporation of China (PCCC) formed a joint venture with PT Tenaga Listrik Bengkulu to develop electricity power by capacity of 2x100 MW with an investment of USD 350 million

INTA through TLB signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) or IPC in the construction and operation of the power plant in Bengkulu.

Then in the same year, INTA together with the Governor of Bengkulu, H. Ridwan Mukti and directors of PT PLN (Persero) and PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) as the owner of the local land of Steam Power Plant inaugurated the groundbreaking Power Plant Project in



Corporate Structure

 Shareholder Composition

Shareholders Number of Shares Percentage of Ownership
PT. Spallindo Adilong * 354.745.132 16.42 %
PT. Shalumindo Investama 325.318.789 15.06 %
Petrus Halim 263.019.092 12.18 %
Jimmy Halim 255.794.092 11.84 %
HPAM Ultima Ekuitas 1 153.006.000 7.08 %
Halex Halim 48.347.000 2.24 %
Public 759.799.115 35.18 %

updated April 30, 2017

*) PT. Spallindo Adilong is the ultimate controlling shareholder of the Group

 Consolidated Subsidiaries

Subsidiaries Nature of Business Percentage of Ownership Domicile
PT. Intan Baruprana Finance (IBFN) Financing 72.14 % Jakarta
PT. Terra Factor Indonesia (TFI) Trading & Rental Service 96.87 % Jakarta
PT. Karya Lestari Sumber Alam (KLS) Mining Contractor 73.02 % Jakarta
PT. Inta Trading Trading 100 % Jakarta
PT. Columbia Chrome Indonesia Workshop & Manufacturing 100 % Jakarta
PT. Inta Resources (IR) Trading, Construction,
Manufacturing, Plantation,
Transportation & Services
100 % Jakarta
PT. Intraco Penta Prima Servis Trading & Service 99.99 % Balikpapan
PT. Intraco Penta Wahana Trading & Service 99.99 % Jakarta
PT. Inta Sarana Infrastruktur Infrastructure 100 % Jakarta
PT. Inta Daya Perkasa Energy 100 % Jakarta



Local Economy Development Enterprise


We are in the business of prividing total solutions that build sustainable local economies in profitable collaboration with the clients, governments and business partners



The ability to identify opportunities and take action to build a positive relationship and strategic inter- individual, group, department, unit or organization to help achieve business goals.


The ability to make improvements, continuous development and creating something new, whether it be the idea and the real work in order to improve business processes to be able to generate maximum performance.


The ability to develop a broad beneficial relationships with various groups of people from various internal and external institutions either related or not to the field of employment.


The ability to be a reliable, trustworthy and build a great relationship and mutual benefit in the workplace.


The ability to provide confidence and certainty to the actions in work activities carried out in accordance with the standards (time, quality and cost) are set.






Board of Comissioners

 Halex Halim - President Comissioner

Born on 1941. Indonesian citizen. Served as President Director of PT Intraco Penta, Tbk since 1996 and as President Commissioner since 2010. He went into business as an entrepreneur in exports and imports in 1959. He is a founder of PT Intraco Penta, Tbk, which began with the establishment of UD Intraco Penta in 1970. He has vaious non-formal education locally and abroad, such as the General Management Course in LPPM Jakarta (1982), Modern Management Program at the National University of Singapore (1988) and Human Resource Management Program at the National University of Singapore (1990). He held various managerial positions as well as Commissioner in various companies, among others: as the President Director of PT Shallumindo (1992-present), President President Commissioner of PT General Agromesin Lestari (1999-present), President Commissioner of PT Intan Baruprana Finance,Tbk (2001- present), and Commissioner of PT Terra Factor Indonesia (2016).


 Ir. Jugi Prajogio M.H - Independent Commissioner

Born in 1964. Indonesian citizen. Appointed Independent Commissioner of PT Intraco Penta Tbk in 2017. He earned his bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology and earned his Master of Law degree from Gajah Mada University, Yogyakarta. He began his professional career as Coordinator and Head of Sales Office at PT Krakatau Steel in 1987. He then held several positions in several companies such as Senior Sales Manager at Shell Indonesia (1997), Director / General Manager Sales at Shell Group (Indonesia-Malaysia) 1998, Director / Chairman of the Business Unit at PT ConocoPhillips Downstream Indonesia (2003), Member of the Committee at Downstream Oil and Gas Regulatory Agency (2007), Expert Staff President Director of PT Pertamina (Persero) 2010, President Director of PT Pertamina Gas niaga (2013).


 Leny Halim - Commissioner

Born on 1972. Indonesian citizen. Appointed as Commissioner of PT Intraco Penta, Tbk in May 2010. She graduated from California State University, Fresno, California, USA with an MBA (1995) and bachelor degree from the same university (1994). She started her professional career as a Corporate Marketing & Strategic Planning Consultant at Gajah Tunggal Group (1996), and cultivated the field of Public Relations and Affairs at World Harvest (1997). Prior to that, she also served as Director at CV Ereztama (1999-2006).





 Petrus Halim

Born on 1970. Appointed as President Director of PT Intraco Penta, Tbk since 2000, after his career as a Finance Manager in 1996 in the same company. Previously, he worked as an Assistant Manager of Risk in Credit Department at Citibank NA, Jakarta (1994). He currently serves as Commissioner at PT Inta Resources (2015) and PT Intan Baruprana Finance,Tbk ( 2015). He holds a Bachelor of Science degree and MBA in Finance from California State University, Fresno and Boston University, USA.

 Fred L. Manibog

He is a Filipino citizen, born in Dau on 1964. Director of PT Intraco Penta, Tbk since 2006. Obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration majoring in Accounting from Holy Angel University, Angeles City, Philippines (1988). Having qualified Certified Public Accountant (CPA), began his professional career as an Purchasing Assistant at Coca Cola Bottlers Philippines, Inc. and Auditor in JCIC Ministries Inc. (1989). After a successful career in the Fil-House of the Consumer Products Inc. and assigned as Assistant Audit Manager, he moved to Jakarta in 1991 holding the position of Technical Advisor for Business Development at PT Sumber Daya Praweda Informatika (1991). His career began at PT Intraco Penta, Tbk in 1993 as an Advisor and a SAP Implementation Project Manager (2001-2002) at the PT Intraco Penta, Tbk developing sophisticated information technology systems. He achieved the position of President Director of PT Intan Baruprana Finance (2011-2014). Currently, he serves as President Director of PT Intraco Penta Prima Service, Director of PT Terra Factor Indonesia and as President Commissioner at PT Columbia Chrome Indonesia.

 Moh. Effendi Ibnoe

Born on 1954. Over 32 years of work experience, mostly (30 years) in the human resources arena, namely : 11 years with IBM (IT company), four years with Makro (retail company) as HR Director of the then a Dutch retail company, 11 years with GE (diversified technology, financial services and media company) as Human Resources Director of GE Indonesia & subsequently for GE Finance Indonesia & 3 years at Bakrie & Brothers Services as Director & Chief Learning Officer. He holds a “Drs” degree in Psychology, majoring in Industrial Psychology, from University of Indonesia and MM & MBA Degree from IPMI International Business School. He has lived 15 years of his life abroad, in India, Belgium, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand. He has been back in Indonesia for the past 4 years. Currently (2014) as Independent Director & Chief Human Energy Officer at PT Intraco Penta, Tbk.

 Corporate Secretary

 Stepanus Ardhanova   

Stepanus Ardhanova is an Indonesian citizen, 40 years old. Currently joining the Company as Corporate Secretary and Investor Relations Officer. He started his career in the service sector as a Senior Auditor at the Accounting Firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers and Financial Analyst at Truscel Capital for over 4 years. His career continues to date in various corporate corporations such as Finance Sub-Department Heads at Indomobil Trada Nasional, as Corporate Finance and Investor Relations manager at PT Bakrie Telecom, Tbk, and prior to joining the Company, he serves as Head of Finance at Aero System Indonesia and Senior Corporate Finance Manager at PT Cipta Kridatama. Earned a Bachelor degree in Accounting Economics from University of Indonesia and Master of Accounting University of Indonesia concentration of strategy and finance. Obtain a CPA professional degree from the Indonesian Institute of Certified Public Accountants and CMA from the Institute of Certified Management Accountants, Australia. In its daily duties in the Company, assisting the Board of Directors in conducting communications with stakeholders and other parties who have an interest in the Company.

 Letter of Appointment and Resignation

 Appointment of Corporate Secretary

 Affiliation Relation

Members of the Board of Directors who have family and/or financial relationship with a member of the Board of Commissioner, and/or other Director include President Director Petrus Halim.




Audit Committee

  Ir. Jugi Prajogio M.H - Chairman

For a complete profile please refer to the Board of Comissioners8 Jul 2015s Profile Section

  Yahya Santosa - Member

Indonesian citizen, born in Tangerang in 1953. Appointed as Member of Audit Committee at PT Intraco Penta Tbk since 2017. Bachelor Degree in Economics from University of Indonesia (1983). Started his career as Junior Auditor at Accounting Firm Drs Paul Lembaong (1976-1980), as auditor at Accountant Office of Drs Mulia Iskandar (1980-1981). Working on PT Telesonic (1981-1983) as an internal auditor. He also worked as an Internal Supervisory Unit of Pelni Hospital (1983-1987). His profession as a Partner began at T.Hiriyanto Accounting Firm (1987-1997), Accounting Firm YS Santosa as Managing Partner (1997-2004), Accounting Firm Dedy Zein Irwan Santosa as Partner (2004-2011), Accountant Office Y Santosa as Managing Partner (2011-2012) and still serves as Managing Partner of Accounting Firm Santosa And Rekan.

  Suroso - Member

Indonesian citizen, born in West Java in 1954. Appointed as Audit Committee since2001. Completed Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from the University of Indonesia and holds a Master of Management from the Persada Indonesia University. He worked as a Senior Auditor at Public Accountant Drs. Darmawan & Co, member of Touche Ross Firm (1987-1991) and became a Commercial Partner at Public Accountant Drs.Suryanto Gunawan office (1992-2003). Since 2001 he served as Chief Consultant at SRManagement & Consultant, a management consulting firm and became a lecturer at the Surapati University since 2006.



Includes the structure, membership requirements, duties and responsibilities, and also authority of Audit Committee
 Audit Committee's Charter 2013


Appointment of Audit Committee 2015 - 2019

Based on the meeting of the Board of Commissioners of PT. Intraco Penta, Tbk dated April 25, 2017, on the establishment of the Audit Committee.
 Minutes of the Audit Committee Appointment

Audit Internal

  William Koesman - Head of Internal Audit Department

Indonesian citizen, born in Medan, appointed as Head of Internal Audit PT Intraco Penta Tbk since April 2015. Obtained dual degree program in Accounting (SE) and Information System (S.Kom) from Bina Nusantara University, Accounting Profession Education (Ak) and Master in Accounting (M.Ak) from University of Indonesia. Having Certified Professional Management Accountant (CPMA), Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Chartered Accountant (CA), and professional audit experience more than 10 years as Lead Auditor in Asia Pulp & Paper Co. Ltd (APP) and Audit & Compliance Manager in PT. Kapal Api Global.


Internal Audit Charter, among others, include the vision, mission, authority, scope of duties, responsibilities, obligations, codes of conduct and relationship with the Audit Committee and the Internal / External Company
 Internal Audit 2013 Charter


 Appointment of Internal Audit in 2015

Corporate Information

Corporate Secretary


Jl. Raya Cakung Cilincing KM 3,5 Jakarta 14130
Phone: (021) 4401408
Faximile : (021) 440168241
Imam Liyanto
Email :


Satrio Bing Eny & Rekan

Member of Deloitte Tohmatsu Limited
The Plaza Office Tower 32nd Floor
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav 28-30
Jakarta 10350
Phone : 62-21-29923100
Faximile : 62-21-29928200


The Company’s shares are listed and traded in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) with ticker INTA.


Fathiah Helmi, SH

Gedung Graha Irama Lt. 6C
Jl. HR Rasuna Said Blok X-1, Kav. 1 & 2
Jakarta Pusat
Phone : 62-21-52907305
Faximile : 62-21-5261136


PT ADIMITRA Jasa Korpora Biro Administrasi Efek

Rukan Kirana Boutiqe Office
Jl. Kirana Avenue III Blok F5 No.5
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara 14250
Telepon : 62-21-2936-5287, 62-21-2936-5298
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